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Busan Shinsegae Centum city Department Store 1F
35, Centumnamdae-ro, Haeundae-gu

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About Fred Boutique Busan

1936년부터 모던 주얼러의 역사를 이어온 프레드 하우스는 브랜드의 독창적인 에너지와 삶의 기쁨을 고객님께 선사합니다.
프레드 주얼리는 항상 리비에라(Rivieras) 지역의 풍경과 찬란한 빛에서 영감을 얻습니다.
아이코닉 컬렉션인 포스텐, 8°0, 빵 드 쉬크르는 다채로운 색채와 풍부한 볼륨감, 대담한 디자인이 돋보이는 프레드 고유의 스타일을 끊임없이 계승하고 있습니다.
프레드 하우스는 매우 기쁜 마음으로 주얼리 컬렉션을 선보입니다. 프레드 부티크에서 만나보시기 바랍니다.

Services Available

  • 보석류
  • 약혼 반지
  • 웨딩 밴드
  • 커스텀 쥬얼리
  • 애프터 서비스

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Featured Collections at Fred Boutique Busan

FORCE 10 Collection
FORCE 10 Collection
Since 1966, the Force 10 bracelet’s unexpected blend of a braided steel sailor’s cable and a gold buckle has epitomized the style of FRED: singular, precious, luminous, powerful and timeless. The Force 10 collection stands for creative freedom and energy; the bracelets can be personalized with interchangeable cables, rings enhance the buckle, while pendants hang upon the slenderest of chains to express their femininity.
The solitaire, a promise of union and a vow of everlasting love, symbolizes the pureness of feelings. The light reveals the diamond’s transparency, underscores the delicateness of the most exquisite of all precious gems and enhances the elegant setting, bringing a unique glow to each individual story.
The 8°0 collection carries a message as forceful as any mantra: “create and define your own view of luck”. The 8°0 collection features a strikingly clean design with an interlocking buckle that resembles a lucky charm in yellow, grey or pink gold, either partly or fully paved with diamonds, available in the form of bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings and jewellery sets. How these endless vaulted arches are seen depends on each individual’s imagination. They can be as sinuous as the symbol for infinity, or perhaps a sign of eternal love. A sideways figure of 8 is synonymous with good fortune in certain cultures.